There are many activities in the nearby Loire Valley region...

It is known as one of the world’s most romantic valleys: The Loire valley in France. A lush land full of beautiful scenery, amazing wine, and grand castles, The Loire has captivated hearts for centuries. There are several vibrant towns and cities near Chateau Allure du Lac that offer the things that make this region special.

The nearby restaurants are world class, thanks to the excellent farmland nearby. The Loire is often referred to as “The Garden of France” Most of the top restaurants in Paris get their produce from this region. Vibrant farmers markets can be found in most towns along with a wide array of vegetables, meats and cheeses.

There are more than enough activities to keep you busy for your entire stay. Wine tasting opportunities are plentiful. One of the best is Maisons des Vins de Loire, a short distance from the château in Angers. At the Maisons, you will hear about the wines of the region, plan your tours, and also sample wines. Don’t miss the Pouilly-Fume made from Sauvignon Blanc Grapes, and the Muscadet, also a white wine made at the Western end of the Valley.

Also available are golf, horseback riding, riverboat tours, hot air ballooning and, of course, gourmet cooking classes, wine bars and shopping. If you’re looking for a special tour, Loire Secrets in Brissac Quincé offers many wonderful choices.